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One Park Avenue at Sobha Hartland

One Park Avenue at Sobha Hartland

Starting Price: 998116 272709 1848362
  Booking 5% only
  Location Mohammed Bin Rashid City
  Bedrooms 1, 2, 3, 4
  Type Apartments
  Area From 739 Sqft.
  Completion Q3 2023


One Park Avenue residences are one of the newest luxurious projects offering 1BR, 2BR, 3BR and 4BR apartment units with a variety of benefits provided exclusively for you to create your own dream lifestyle.

Project Details:

One of the points that differentiate these eyeful properties from the other ones is that the problems that ordinary people are dealing with daily, are completely removed in these picturesque apartments and you will experience a new version of life – without any flaw. This is your dream home where stressful commuting, frequent maintenance, noise, unhealthy lifestyle, unsafe neighborhood, and costly utilities are all gone and you will not be bothered by any of them.

One Park Avenue in Sobha Hartland | Sobha Group

Payment Plan:

Installments Milestone Payment (%)
1st Installment Booking Amount 5%
Equal Installment Every 3 Months Until Completion 5%
Pay the rest on completion in April 2023

Features and Amenities:

However, what has been discussed above, are not the only benefits offered by these lavish apartments. In fact, there are more. Although the advantages are numerous, some of them are as follows:

  • Possibility of fully –automated lights, air conditioning, and curtains.
  • Highest levels of security by operating RFID enabled access control system using face or biometric recognition
  • Smart and sustainable water faucets conserving water by 60 percent
  • High levels of tranquility  by Specially designed façade systems canceling external noise
  • Motion sensor lighting in any spot of the house
  • Smart gym equipped with world-class equipment
  • Dedicated electric vehicle parking stations

One Park Avenue in Sobha Hartland | Sobha Group

The Most Desirable Location

These highly magnificent apartments have been situated at the heart of Dubai where your dreams come true. Hartland is the renowned region of Dubai where the beauty of lavish surroundings pleases the eyes. In this highly sought-after area, 2.4 million sq ft of parks, gardens and open spaces can be seen where “Greens” dominate the “Greys”. In addition to these, there are 2 international schools in this community, and there is only 3 kilometers distance from the hottest attractions of Dubai such as Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Meydan Racecourse and Meydan One Tower.

One Park Avenue in Sobha Hartland | Sobha Group

Shinny Appearance

About the exterior design of these properties, it should be said that they are architectural masterpieces, as pure art has been used in crafting them. The appearance of these elegant apartments is an embodiment of luxury, as it is quite a shinny and impressive all the time – like a shining diamond at the heart of Dubai which has no equal in the whole city.

In terms of interior design, it can be said that it is supposed to be quite unique and special, as the furniture are from classy brands and even any small details have been considered to give you your desired home.

One Park Avenue in Sobha Hartland | Sobha Group

Another thing that really draws the attention is that due to its central location, the surrounding of this tower is extremely stunning, and breathtaking views are waiting to be watched.

Why Dubai?

As anyone knows, Dubai is one of the most hoped-for places to live, work and travel, as numerous advantages are waiting to be caught. For example, Dubai is a tax-free haven making it extra lucrative. The UAE is also one of the richest countries and boasts the seven highest GDP. In addition to these, it is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, the happiest country and the most popular holiday destination besides France, Singapore, and other popular ones. High quality of living also is another factor making Dubai among one of the most wanted countries.

At the End

According to what has been discussed above, the reasons why this property is of paramount importance are many. Superlative location and premium amenities are the most prominent ones. Also, an easy payment plan has been considered for you to own your dream home as easily as possible. In addition to these, this gorgeous property has some advantages that can not be found in any other places. A point that merits serious consideration is that buying as soon as possible will bring you the opportunity to choose among the eye-catching views of Downtown Dubai, central Dubai, Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary, Dubai Creek and Meydan racecourse. So, taking immediate action will provide you with your dream home and also desired view.

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